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Software Updates

Apex releases software updates for version 3 that are usually applied automatically.

Client v3.0.0.143

The latest client was released April 2016 and requires Windows 7 or newer. All version 3 clients update themselves automatically, but firewalls sometimes block the update. The latest client adds expense tracking, resolves several bugs, and asynchronously loads large datasets (making it faster). To install it manually, log on as the user and run the installer below. Do not log on as an administrator because setup does not require administrative permissions and installs per-user, not per-machine.

Users who previously installed version 2 should remove "Apex Business Software" from add\remove programs (and keep "Apex Software").

ISS Updates and Database Version 248

The latest ISS update and database version is only available to customers who are enrolled in the updates and support program. Current customers can force a database update by clicking Company > Update Database. ISS was last updated in May 2016 to provide support for expenses, support for smart phones, greater leave history detail, and enhanced report filters. Contact support for the latest ISS update.