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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Remote users can't connect to the database. How do I fix?
  • When installing, I receive the error, "An installation package for the product Microsoft SQL Server Native Client cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'sqlncli.msi'". How do I fix?
  • Can I install this software on a Windows 200x terminal server?
  • Setup writes that SQL Server could not be installed. How do I fix?
  • I'm trying to install the client msi on Windows Vista or Windows 7, and the client installation fails. How do I fix?
  • I installed the database on the server, but the client connects to the local trial database every time I open it. How do I make the client automatically connect to the server?
Timecards and Leave
  • What's the difference between the "Seniority Begins" field and the DOH (Date of Hire) field?
  • An employee's automatic accruals are wrong. How do I fix them?
  • How do I temporarily stop an employee's automatic leave accrual?
  • On two different days, I ran a summary of available leave as of last month and the results don't match. Why don't the reports match?
  • How do I credit a holiday to everyone?
  • How do I credit a holiday to just salaried employees?
  • The timecard is showing in\out and I want it to show date\hours. How do I change it?
  • It's the end of the payroll. How do I run a payroll report?
  • I ran the payroll report but the payroll dates are wrong. How do I fix?
  • When I run the timecard report the week starts on a Sunday. How do I make the week start on a Monday?
  • I see regular, holiday, and weekend time. How do I add types for inclement weather ect?
  • How do I see how much OT people have used?
  • How do I create a leave calendar?
  • Where do I track state withholdings and exemptions?
  • How do I export my timecard summary for payroll to ADP?
  • How do I import my timecard summary from ADP?
  • What's the difference between Reports > Spreadsheets and Reports > Custom Tabular Reports?
  • How do I sort my custom tabular report by employee name?
  • How do I get a list of all the people who are under a vice president?
SecurityDatabase Administration
  • How do I move the database to a new server that is already running SQL Server?
  • How do I move the database to a new server that is not running SQL Server?
  • I moved the database and now my users can't log on. How do I fix?
  • How do I move the time terminal service and\or automatic e-mail reminder service?
  • How do I automatically back up the database?

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