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Biometric and RFID Terminals

S680 RFID Terminal Biometric and proximity ID terminals allow employees to clock-in without logging on to a computer. Terminals use standard Ethernet communications and can be deployed at any remote site that has Internet access. Terminals support job/department tracking and require the purchase of either iLeave or iHR.

Common Terminal Terms  

Term Definition
Biometric Terminals Biometric terminals recognize fingerprints and work well in office environments. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity affect accuracy. Matching threshold settings control sensitivity vs accuracy (false rejections vs incorrect matches). Setup requires that each user enroll his fingerprints. To clock in, some users will need to enter their employee # and then swipe their finger. RFID sensors are an optional $40 accessory.
RFID Terminals RFID terminals use proximity devices instead of fingerprints to identify users. Proximity devices take one of three shapes: credit card, thick credit card, or keyfob (poker chip that attaches to key chain). Unlike biometric terminals that require users to individually enroll their fingerprints into a terminal, RFID terminals allow one user to enter all the ID numbers for all the proximity devices.
Relay Control Relay control allows a terminal to unlock a door. An electrician wires a weatherproof RFID sensor into the terminal, and wires the terminal into a door's electronic latch so that a user on the outside can swipe once to both unlock the door and clock in.
HID HID is a proprietary implementation of RFID. A RFID terminal can be turned into an HID terminal for an additional $140.


Price   Item  Description 
$650   S900 Biometric Terminal  Fingeprints, high accuracy. Color LCD. Relay control.
$550   S680 RFID Terminal   RFID cards. Color LCD. Relay control.
$588   US700 Biometric Terminal  Fingeprints, high accuracy. B\W LCD. Relay control.
$375   US100C Biometric Terminal  Fingeprints, high accuracy. Color LCD. No relay control.
$375   US100R RFID Terminal  RFID cards. Black\white LCD. No relay control. Flat keypad.
$375   S300 RFID Terminal   RFID cards. Black\white LCD. No relay control. Raised keys.
$375   SC403 RFID Terminal  RFID cards. Black\white. Relay control. For SC403 only, must attach A\C adapter's ground and live wires and Ethernet cable's individual wires. Power adapter and short ethernet cable with exposed wires comes with unit. Will likely need extra Ethernet cable and female-to-female coupler to reach hub.

Price   Item  Description 
$120   HID Sensor  Enables HID card reading for S300, S680, S900.
$40   RFID Sensor for S900 Enables RFID card reading for S900.
$75   Weatherproof RFID Sensor  Mounts on outside wall. Attaches to SC403, S680 S900.
$100   50x Proximity Cards Use with SC403, S300, S680. Resembles thick credit cards.
$125   50x RFID Thin Cards Use with SC403, S300, S680. Resembles credit cards.
$150   50x PID Keyfobs   Use with SC403, S300, S680. Resembles small poker chips that attach to key chains.
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  • Biometric terminals
  • PID terminals
  • Relay control
  • Integrates with iHR and iLeave
  • Supports job costing
  • Supports department tracking

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