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The Apex Difference

  • We offer commercial off-the-shelf products with many of the service and support benefits of a customized package.
  • We release automatically-installed updates based on comments and requests from our customers. (You can turn off this auto-update feature if it conflicts with your IT policy.)
  • We provide online remote-control support so that we can resolve any issue quickly and precisely.
  • Our products use a secure SQL Server database that scales well and supports unlimited users.


Apex Business Software is a software development firm that specializes in providing computer-based management, leave, FMLA, and benefit tracking products.

We deliver human resource software packages to a variety of companies by providing leading-edge products that cater to the multiple needs of human resource personnel. Our products are strategically designed to meet the HR objectives of business owners, managers, HR administrators and employees.

If you consider HR management to be a core competency, Apex Business Software can help increase your HR productivity by providing flexible, secure, easy-to-use software packages.

Apex Business Software

Apex Business Software was founded in 2000 as a result of numerous inquiries for a secure, cost-effective and flexible time & attendance software package. Instant HR was later developed at the request of business owners and HR personnel. They desired a program complimentary with their accounting and payroll software that could track employees across multiple locations, support an unlimited number of employees and users, take personnel files paperless, and accrue leave time automatically.

Apex Business Software's vision is to revolutionize employee management by insuring that customers have instant access to the employee records and attendance information they need in order to insure optimal company productivity. We accomplish this through our suite of Instant™ human resource software products with easy-to-use components for real-time control with unlimited users.

Apex Business Software is dedicated to providing HR software packages that increase productivity, are easy to use, and are scalable to meet the needs of its wide variety of customers.

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